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Small Change, Big Business

54 MINUTES • 2005 • 16:9

with Nobel Peace Price laureate 2006: Professor Muhammad Yunus


Micro credit - giving small loans to the poor without collateral. The world seems to have embraced it as the means to end poverty. Conventional banks claim they offer micro credit and the UN even proclaimed 2005 the year of micro credit. But is it really the solution to poverty?

In 1995 MovieTron produced the documentary Signature of Change, the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, which showed the mechanisms of micro credit through portraits of Bengali women. This 46-minute documentary was broadcast worldwide.

Ten years later we are back in Bangladesh for the shooting of Small Change, Big Business. We revisit the main characters of the 1995 documentary and examine the effects micro credit has had on their lives.


In 1995 Aysha and Momena were successful borrowers from the Grameen Bank, are they still in business? And what has happened to Nurjahan? The chiefs of her village did not allow her to accept a loan. 

Naju took her first loan from the Grameen Bank only seven years ago. With her husband she started a rope factory, which employs 25 people. They are wealthy now and Naju proudly shows us her house with television and refrigerator.

Muhammad Yunus, an economics professor, established the Grameen bank in 1984. He is viewed internationally as the inventor of micro credit. His goal is to abolish poverty from the face of the earth. He dreams of opening a poverty museum in 2030 so that everybody can see what poverty used to be like.


Director & Producer Mark Aardenburg
Crew Bangladesh 2005: Camera Rob IJsbrandy • Sound Marjo Postma
Crew Bangladesh 1995: Camera
Onno van der Wal • Sound Gusta van Eijk
Crew the Netherlands: Camera
Martijn van Beenen • Sound Leszek Gawronski
Frans Tilstra, Maarten Noyons • Editing NoŽl van Rens • Storyline Consultant Robin van Erven Dorens
Audio Post Production Tom Stramrood • Interpreter Martin Bryan • Production Bangladesh Dhiren Nath Das
Assistance & Stills Salahuddin Azizee • Translation Kamrul Islam Chowdhurry, S. Samsher Elora
Voice Over Michael Harrigan • Music Patriot Hills • Thanks to Tjitske Speckmann

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