Small Change, Big Business • 54

In 1995 MovieTron produced the documentary Signature of Change, the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh (46′), which showed the mechanisms of Microcredit through portraits of Bengali women. Ten years later we are back in Bangladesh to film Small Change, Big Business, in which we revisit the main characters of the 1995 documentary and examine the effects Microcredit has had on their lives.

The Other American War • 52′

Shot in the US and Ethiopia, this documentary is about the consequences for developing countries of the US law, that withdraws all funding from NGO’s who deal directly or indirectly with abortion.

JAMAICA dot com • 52′

In the flourishing Jamaican music industry, ICT is part of life. In contrast, farmers have just discovered the computer, which might help them prevent their crop from going to waste. However most farmers don’t see how it can help. ‘A farmer doesn’t need a computer. We have a computer in our brains’, a farmer says laughing.

Black Slaves for Sale • 52

The 17-year civil war in Sudan sparked a revival of slavery. With his US organization John Eibner bought the freedom of about 25.000 slaves for $50 with funds from the Wester. Set in conflict with more questions than answers, this documentary challenges the viewers to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong in the moral dilemma of modern slave trade.

Claiming Justice • 52

Claiming Justice portrays a special breed of attorney: liability lawyers in the US. No win, no fee is the name of their game and the stakes are high. A documentary about the dark side of our legal system.

Donkey Caravan to Timbuktu • 52

A road movie with four Tuareg, four camels and 39 donkeys on a 900 kilometer trip through the Malian desert to Timbuktu. As we accompany the men, the camels with their amusing antics, and the sweet-tempered donkeys, we see and feel how these people cope with life in a harsh, but beautiful environment.

NO PROBLEM, kidney trade in India • 46

Is it wrong to sell a kidney for money? In 1995, the Indian government passed a law prohibiting commercial transplants and organ donations from anyone other than relatives. This law dangerously reduced the number of possible donors. The trade in kidneys is still thriving, the only difference is that it has become illegal and therefore uncontrollable.

Signature of Change, Grameen Bank in Bangladesh • 46

In 1983 Bengali professor, Muhammad Yunus founded the Grameen Bank in Bangaldesh, which exclusively lends money to the poor and landless. The film follows three borrowers in their day to day activities. We see the considerable social and economic consequences of the Grameen loans. Not only for its members but for the community at large.